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From Rob G <>
Subject Re: Error 503 ocurring when server under load
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2010 20:40:50 GMT
Christopher Schultz wrote> This directive has been deprecated since 1.2.16.
> Cachesize defines the number of connections made to the AJP backend that
> are maintained as a connection pool. It will limit the number of those
> connection that each web server child process can make.
> Cachesize property is used only for multi threaded web servers such as
> Apache 2.0 (worker), IIS and Netscape. The cachesize property should
> reflect the number of threads per child process. JK will discover the
> number of threads per child process on Apache 2 web server with
> worker-mpm and set its default value to match the ThreadsPerChild
> Apache directive. [...]
> "
> Since mpm_winnt (like mpm_worker) uses ThreadsPerChild to set the number
> of worker threads (and therefore simultaneous requests that can be
> accepted), you'll have to know what ThreadsPerChild is set to. That's
> easy: just search for that directive in httpd.conf. If it's not there,
> or commented-out, the default is 64 on mpm_winnt
> (
> If you've left it as the default (64) and you've set worker.cachesize
> (really worker.connection_pool_size) to 10, then you can accept 64
> connections from clients but only call-out to Tomcat over 10 of those
> connections: the others will have to wait. I'm not sure what the
> scheduling algorithm is for choosing which thread gets the next
> available connection from the pool (FIFO?), but it's very possible to
> starve your clients even after 10 simultaneous connections.
> - -chris
So if I'm reading your email and the docs correctly. I should just
comment out the cachesize=10 from the And since
for connection_pool_size (that replaced it)  JK  will discover this
number for the Apache web server automatically and set the pool size
to this value, I don't need to add anything to the

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