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From Ðavîd Låndïs <>
Subject Splitting Content Across Multiple Domains
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 01:40:38 GMT
I am considering creating another Host in my Tomcat server and
creating another .war file with static content for that additional
host. So the links to static content generated by my primary
application will point to the domain name of this new host. Here are
the two hostnames for example:

Here is an article discussing this general technique (not Tomcat

Creating the new Host elements is no problem and creating new DNS
aliases that refer to those Hosts is also no problem. My issue is that
my application requires a login and I only want to expose those static
resources to someone who has logged into the primary application. Does
anyone have any recommendations on how to accomplish that? Or is this
the wrong approach entirely?

One thing I thought might be possible would be to append a session Id
onto the url's of the images located on the static content host and
then just create a Filter that would check that id somehow. That's
pretty much as far as I've got; any advice would be appreciated.


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