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From Rob G <>
Subject Re: Error 503 ocurring when server under load
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2010 07:01:06 GMT
On 12 October 2010 19:47, Christopher Schultz
<> wrote:
> I would.
> I believe that is true.
> On the other hand, there is another case where you might have problems.
> If you have, say, 512 worker threads in Apache httpd but you only have,
> say, 200 request processor threads configured in Tomcat, then you will
> get mod_jk connection failures on the httpd side.
> I would recommend that you have enough request processors configured in
> Tomcat to handle the expected load.
> - -chris
Thanks Chris (and everyone else for their comments).

As an update: I updated Tomcat from 6.0.24 to 6.0.29 and commented out
the cachesize directive from The server ran for a
full day yesterday and not a single 503 error. :) So with a bit of
luck it will continue to work as expected. Of course I'll monitor for
any other issues for the next few days.


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