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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: Error 404 when redirected
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2010 13:38:37 GMT
> From: arnaud icard [] 
> Subject: Re: Error 404 when redirected

> > Second, you should not be placing <Context> elements in server.xml.
> This is not completly true

Note that I said "should not" rather than "must not".  You can place <Context> elements
in server.xml, but it is not best practice, and is strongly discouraged.  Don't do it.

> > Third, each <Host> should have a unique appBase directory.
> This is already the case, isn't it?

Not really, since docBase == appBase in your original config.  Your original configuration
was ambiguous.

> Most of these applications are deployed using ant deploy.

Not relevant.

> Thus I cannot place context file in the application/ROOT/META-INF 

Of course you can.  However, as I stated earlier, you don't actually need any <Context>
elements in the examples you gave.

> So I now have the following server.xml :
>   <Context path="" docBase="ROOT" crossContext="false">

Just remove the <Context> elements like the above - they're unnecessary.

>    <Context path="" docBase="uportal" crossContext="false">

Remove that one as well, and change the uportal directory name to ROOT.

>    <Context path="/ResourceServingWebapp" docBase="ResourceServingWebapp" crossContext="false">

That <Context> element is also not necessary - remove it.

> The file layout for uportal is (yes 2 times uportal): 
> /var/www/uportal/
>     uportal/

Change the above to ROOT/.

>     ResourceServingWebapp/

That one is fine.

> I don't get why I had to specify ROOT in the docBase argument.

You shouldn't have a docBase argument, because you don't need any <Context> elements
at all.

> Is it not the value by default ?

No; there is no default for docBase, since it should be used only when a <Context> element
is in conf/Catalina/[host]/[appName].xml, and the associated webapp is located outside of
the <Host>'s appBase directory.

 - Chuck

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