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From "Rob Gregory" <>
Subject RE: Tabbed browsers sharing session - work around.
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 08:26:16 GMT
Hi Chris,

Is there any way to dynamically create these contexts or do they require a live.xml, test.xml,
etc within conf/Catalina/localhost. The multiple contexts would be my preferred approach although
I would like to achieve this with a single code base if this is possible. The multiple environments
are driven purely by the backend database connection, i.e. the code is the same with the only
difference being where the data is being saved to. Hence the requirement to stop the browser
sharing the same session when in different database connections. 

I'm surprised that other people are not having the same issues since the browser manufacturers
decided to make this crazy change to session management between tabs/instances and suddenly
share the same session. In I.E.6 two browser instances would be two separate sessions. I.E.7
they are the same session! 

Thanks for your input.
Kind Regards,

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On 10/4/2010 6:11 AM, Ronald Klop wrote:
> You can run your test environment on another hostname.

Or under another context:

The real question is why there's any confusion: your hostnames and/or
URLs ought to be unique enough already. Otherwise, this sort of
foolishness can affect your "real" users and you'll leak data all over
the place.

- -chris
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