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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Upgradtion of tomcat and java version
Date Sat, 23 Oct 2010 11:39:51 GMT
rujin raj wrote:
> Please help
> On 23 October 2010 11:38, André Warnier <> wrote:
>> rujin raj wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> My Company gave one assignment to upgrade the present setup. Herewith I
>>> explained my present setup. I am expecting your help and suggestion to
>>> finish this job.
>>>  ...
>> What, all of us ?
>> How much are you paying ?
rujin raj,

You have so far received 3 rather sarcastic answers to your message.
It is Saturday, business is slow, so let me explain.

Tomcat is an open-source and free (in the sense of cost = 0 $) product.
The people developing Tomcat, and the people on this list answering questions about 
Tomcat, are all volunteers, who do this on their own private time (well, most of us anyway).
So we tend to react badly to a request like your opening paragraph above.

That is because, if your company gave this job to someone who is obviously not (yet) 
competent enough to do this job, then that company is abusing you.  And if this is against

a deadline, then that company should be prepared to pay someone competent to do the work.

For further information, let me refer you to this page, which is recommended reading for 
anyone posting here :

But maybe your opening paragraph was just poorly phrased, and you did not really mean it 
that way.

Then comes the second part :

Most of the questions you asked do not really make sense at all, at least in the context 
in which you are asking them, and seem to indicate that you have not even bothered to read

the Tomcat documentation, which is on-line for all to see, here :

Then comes the third part :

Even for the questions that do make some sense in the context, really answering them 
properly would require pages and pages of explanations, starting with some basic concepts

which you do not seem to be aware of.
And nobody here feels quite up to the task, or has the time, to do that.

Let me try anyway, if not to answer your questions, at least to give you some pointers.
Then maybe you can read the corresponding documentation, and comeback here with one smart

question at a time.

Q: 1) How can I check the Version of Tomcat is 32 bit or 64 bit version?

A: Tomcat is Java code, and there is only one version.  What matters is the Java JVM under

which it runs.
Under a Windows OS, it also matters which "service wrapper" you are using.
But that is clearly indicated on the download page at :

Please follow the README link on that page, just above "Binary Distributions".  It tells 
you exactly what each download contains, and what it should be used for.

2) I downloaded and Installed Java 64 bit and tomcat 6.0.29 executable file.
Also I downloaded tomcat 6.0.29 64 bit ZIP files
Which means that you did not really read the README, did you ?

  IS it necessary to copy the
extracted file into the tomcat existing directory?

No.  Not if you just want to run Tomcat as a Windows Service.

3) How Can I tune the tomcat to give pest performance?

A: Assuming that you meant "best" instead of "pest",
that is still an unanswerable question.

Or let me ask you : can you define for us what you mean by "best performance" ?

4) What is the ideal vale for a) Maximum threads b) Maximum spare threads c)
Min spare threads in Server.xml file for the port SSL Port 443?

A: This shows again that you have not really looked at the documentation.
The only relevant attribute I see for the HTTP connector is "maxThreads".

And again, the question cannot be answered, like for #3 above.

5) What is the Ideal value for a) Initial memory pool b) Max memory pool c)
Thread stack size for JAVA 64 bit version for more loads?

A: See answer #3 above.

6) What is the use of thread dump in tomcat 6 and how to use that?


7) How can I found the memory leak in applications using tomcat manager?

Do you mean : How can I found (the memory leak in applications) using tomcat manager?
Or : How can I found the memory leak (in applications using tomcat manager) ?

Either way, considering that you have not yet set up this server, what makes you think 
that these applications have memory leaks ?

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