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From Pid <>
Subject Re: Upgradtion of tomcat and java version
Date Sat, 23 Oct 2010 10:04:21 GMT
On 23/10/2010 06:44, rujin raj wrote:
> Hi,
> My Company gave one assignment to upgrade the present setup. Herewith I
> explained my present setup. I am expecting your help and suggestion to
> finish this job.

I'm a little behind on the list today, because I choked on my cornflakes
earlier when I read the above.  I'm OK now though, in case you were worried.

Really, breakfast manufacturers should put warnings on their product

> I have a HP Blade server with 2 CPU (Quad Core 3.166 GHz), 32 GB RAM and
> Windows 2008 Enterprise Server 64 bit with SP2. At present applications are
> running in tomcat 5.5 version and Java 1.6 32 bit edition and SSL in
> enabled. At present in my application the number of sessions is crossing
> more than 4500 in peak hours.
> I have a plan to upgrade the tomcat version form 5.5 to 6.0.29 and JAVA JRE
> 6U22 64 bit..
> Please clarify my following doubts.
> 1) How can I check the Version of Tomcat is 32 bit or 64 bit version?
> 2) I downloaded and Installed Java 64 bit and tomcat 6.0.29 executable file.
> Also I downloaded tomcat 6.0.29 64 bit ZIP files IS it necessary to copy the
> extracted file into the tomcat existing directory?
> 3) How Can I tune the tomcat to give pest performance?
> 4) What is the ideal vale for a) Maximum threads b) Maximum spare threads c)
> Min spare threads in Server.xml file for the port SSL Port 443?
> 5) What is the Ideal value for a) Initial memory pool b) Max memory pool c)
> Thread stack size for JAVA 64 bit version for more loads?
> 6) What is the use of thread dump in tomcat 6 and how to use that?
> 7) How can I found the memory leak in applications using tomcat manager?

Phew.  This is quite a list of things you need to get through.  What's
the deadline for this?   It's quite a lot of work.


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