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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Rotating Tomcat-Logs
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2010 09:13:53 GMT
Tobias Crefeld wrote:
> We have problems to manage Tomcats Logs. Logfiles like catalina.out or
> application specific logging is not the problem, but there are some
> files that are created each day new by tomcat (Tomcat-6):
>  localhost.2010-02-27.log
>  manager.2010-02-16.log
>  host-manager.2009-08-30.log
>  admin.2010-07-10.log
>  catalina.2010-10-20.log
> From what I read till now JULI should be able to offer some rotation
> features, so I tried several new settings in
> tomcat/conf/ but it seems that it has little effect.
> Our goal is to delete all log data that is older than e.g. 3 months.
> The file naming schema doesn't matter. Additionally I would prefer if
> the usually empty files (actually all files mentioned above except
> "catalina.*.log") aren't been created at all.
Hi Tobias.

I am having the same kind of issue, on and off.  I have started several times to try and 
find a "general" solution to manage these logs, but until now I have always been 
interrupted by more urgent things, and never brought this to a conclusion.
In addition, it is somewhat of a moving target, since Linux distributions seem to each 
superpose their own schemes to the standard Tomcat scheme (like using jsvc, and/or 
re-directing to SYSLOG e.g.).

Anyway, I am interested in finding a scheme, based on JULI, and which :
- would generally-speaking start by directing ALL Tomcat logs to one single file, NOT 
rotated by JULI
- would use the system facilities (aka logrotate), to rotate, compress and archive this 
logfile as I see fit, not as JULI sees fit.
- would provide a simple path to, /when needed/, provide more specific logfiles for one or

the other application.
(but not the current standard unmanageable mess)
- create a Tomcat FAQ that explains how to do the above, so that other sysadmin-types can

enjoy the fruits of my labor

There is already a lot of scattered information on this topic in the archives of this 
list, but to my knowledge nothing really comprehensive at one single location.

Would you like to work at this together ?

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