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From Malcolm Warren <>
Subject Re: Maven and Tomcat and Eclipse
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2010 16:56:55 GMT
  Nobody's answered this, but perhaps this shouldn't really be in this 
mailing list. I'll try with a maven list.
This problem is closed.


Il 17/10/10 16.46, Malcolm Warren ha scritto:
>  Dear All,
> I've spent three days reading two books about Maven, all of the Maven 
> site, and finally searching the web for hours.
> But unfortunately I seem unable to work out and understand one simple 
> concept and I've reached the end of my tether. Hope somebody can help!
> I've successfully moved a small application from using Ant to Maven, 
> using the default Maven folder structure.
> And Maven does a lovely job of compiling it.
> But what I just can't work out is where do I (the developer) and 
> Tomcat fit into all of this now?
> -------------
> I have a nice myapp/appSrc/src/main/java folder containing all if my 
> source for the app
> and another myapp/appWeb/src/main/webapp folder containing the web files.
> And with a parent .pom and two child .poms exactly as recommended on 
> the maven site, maven compiles my source, places it in a .jar file in 
> the repository and into the target WEB-INF/lib folder along with all 
> the dependencies.
> But what next? Where do I work?
> -------------
> In the original Ant setup Ant would compile my source files and place 
> them in the -original- webapp/WEB-INF/lib folder, so that is where 
> Tomcat comes in - picking up the app from the original webapp folder.
> But with Maven I can no longer work in the original webapp folder, 
> because now everything gets copied into the target, and that is where 
> I find the .jar file and all its dependencies - in the target folders.
> So I could set up Tomcat to work in the target folder I suppose and 
> there I start developing. But wait a minute, if I want to change a 
> sentence in a .jsp file, let's say, and see the result, how do I go 
> about that?
> I can't work in the target folder because everything gets copied from 
> the original folder and it would get written over, but I can't work in 
> Tomcat from the original folder either because the .jar file and its 
> dependencies aren't there.
> ???
> Ok so now I've found all over the web references to the tomcat Maven 
> plug-in which, using the Manager app, deploys and can later redeploy 
> your app to Tomcat.
> But that doesn't make much sense to me either. Is that the route I 
> have to go down?
> Because if so, we're saying that for every tiddly little change to a 
> .jsp file while developing I have to run a maven install followed by a 
> redeploy, which doesn't seem to make much sense.
> I must be missing something here.
> I'd be very grateful for any help to get me moving the right direction 
> again.
> Thanks for listening.
> --------------
> At the moment my Tomcat server is independent of Eclipse, I don't use 
> the internal tomcat possibilities, I see that Maven can run a Tomcat 
> as well.
> I'd prefer to remain with my independent version if possible as I have 
> four other apps that will eventually have to be moved to Maven as well.
> Malcolm

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