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From Pid <>
Subject Re: unable to access comm ports on apache tomcat 6.0.18
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2010 07:24:37 GMT
On 11/10/2010 04:31, ramkumar wrote:
> Hi Pid,
>         Thank you for your response. Not only for this comunication api,
> if i put thr jar files in WEBAPPS/<MY APPLICATION>/WENINF/LIB it is showing
> the "No Class found". plese help me. Whw]at are rthe chnages i have to do?
>  Thank you. 

That's probably true actually.  I misread* the exception.

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.comm.PortInUseException

Presumably you're catching and rethrowing the exception, using the wrong
exception, because these two shouldn't interact like this.

javax.comm is reporting that the port is already in use
(PortInUseException), possibly because you've left one of your other
versions of the program running in the IDE still.

Stop them, before running Tomcat.

If there are no other programs connected to the port, then we need to
know more about how and when the javax.comm code you've implemented runs
and how you are testing it.

Is it in a Listener or a Servlet?  Where is it defined in this class?

Either way, I suspect that this model isn't going to work very well.


* Again! My hit rate is appalling recently.

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