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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Disable class monitoring for reloading container classes
Date Sat, 09 Oct 2010 16:53:22 GMT
Jane Muse wrote:
> André,
> thanks for the perl program. I tried it and got 
>  >  
>    qsh: 001-0019 Error found searching for command No such path or directory.

You may need to adjust the first line of the program, to point to the executable perl 
Use "which perl" to find this out (well, if these OS'es are anything like Unix-like, that

> when running from the IBM I O/S. I'll talk to IBM next week and see if perl is supported.
I would be surprised if it wasn't.

It might need to be a C program. It ran fine on Linux.
And it should on just about any platform.  That's a nice part of perl ... and in principle


  If I run the equivalent in ((C OR perl) AND Java) on the two machines and compare the 
difference, if they're the same then it must be tomcat.

I'm not sure that I understand your turn of phrase entirely, but yes, that's the idea.

C or perl would show you what the OS says about a file's timestamp.
Java will show you what the JVM says about the same timestamp.
If the two answers differ, then it is definitely the JVM.
It would be even clearer then if you could compare different JVMs on the same machine.

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