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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Disable class monitoring for reloading container classes
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2010 09:19:44 GMT
Jane Muse wrote:
> If I changed the system time zone not to change with daylight savings
> time, then it would be off by an hour. I don't think our customers would
> like that. Or am I misunderstanding your comment?
Maybe Pid's comment was partly "tongue-in-cheek".

You did not misunderstand, but of course it all depends on what your application does, and

on whether the system's time difference is visible to them or not.

On this :

This happens with both DST and standard time changes. What's interesting
is if we go back in time to Oct 29 2006, it does not occur. From March
2007 forward, every fall and spring we get the error when the
application reloads. The DST time change rules changed in March 2007 for
USA time zone.

Somehow this suggest to me that there is something else going on.
I have not re-done Christopher's reasoning in detail - and Pid seemed to agree, so I'm not

going to - and I have also not gone to look at the actual code, but superficially it does

not look to me as if a simple time change would trigger any application reload.
It would have to be the combined effect of a change to a file's "last modified" stamp 
/and/ a system time change, no ?

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