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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: [OT] Serialization
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 20:59:49 GMT
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(I'm cc'ing the tomcat-user mailing list in case others would like to
read my response. Please try to keep things on the list rather than
emailing contributors directly.)

On 10/5/2010 9:34 AM, Wolfgang Orthuber wrote:
> thanks for your detailed answer. You are right, up to now I wrote
> e.g. C, C++ programs, since July I am working with Java because
> server programming and the java class library is necessary. There are
> many new conventions and my main problem is lack of time.

I understand. Learning any new language has its caveats. The problem in
this case was that you didn't understand the nuances of Java
serialization. For instance, RTTI is written out as part of the
serialization process, so attempting to read-into a different class
(even with the same fields and code) causes an error.

My recommendation would be to /not/ use Java's built-in serialization,
and instead write your data out in a way that does not depend on a
particular class's interpretation of the data. Just define a standard
(binary, XML, whatever) and then read and write to that format.

> But the fundament of the plan is reliable (vectorial search) and I am
> interested in an up to date installation of tomcat and java.

What is "vectorial search"?

> There is a great range of sources on the web for java and tomcat,
> partially incompatible, or old. Which source and selection do you
> recommend for an up to date and reliable installation of tomcat and
> java?

If you're starting from scratch, get the latest and greatest Tomcat
version, which is currently 6.0.29. This page has more information on
the currently-supported versions of Tomcat:

If you must stick with the 5.5.x line, you should upgrade to 5.5.31
after reading the changelog to see if anything might interfere with your
webapp's functioning.

As always, get Tomcat directly from the source:

Go to the "Download | Tomcat 6.0" page and get the latest version. All
you need is the "core" package: choose whatever packaging makes sense
for your environment.

For a Java version, we always recommend running on Sun's JRE (or JDK if
you prefer). The only currently-supported version is 1.6.something: to
go and download whatever the most recent version is.

Feel free to come back to this list if you have any problems installing
or configuring Tomcat.

Good luck,
- -chris
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