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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tabbed browsers sharing session - work around.
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 14:51:18 GMT
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On 10/5/2010 4:26 AM, Rob Gregory wrote:
> Is there any way to dynamically create these contexts or do they
> require a live.xml, test.xml, etc within conf/Catalina/localhost.

You can use JMX or the manager to deploy an application under any
context name. I haven't tried myself, but I would imagine that you can
also provide a context.xml to ensure that you get the database
configuration that you need.

> I'm surprised that other people are not having the same issues since
> the browser manufacturers decided to make this crazy change to
> session management between tabs/instances and suddenly share the same
> session.

I'm still puzzled as to what you think changed in the web browser world.

> In I.E.6 two browser instances would be two separate
> sessions. I.E.7 they are the same session!

Hm. Are you talking about multi-process MSIE versus single-process MSIE?
It's dangerous to rely on the user launching separate browser processes
to use your application(s) if the possibility exists that significant
confusion can arise.

- -chris
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