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From "Ben Stringer" <>
Subject Re: Apache Reverse Proxy required or not?
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2010 22:03:18 GMT
> Hi All,
> Quick question on what people's views are with regard to using Tomcat to
> host external/internet facing sites. A quick Google search recommends
> that these should be 'fronted' by Apache running reverse proxy. Is
> Tomcat classed as insecure and as such requires this proxy in front or
> is this due to the fact that Tomcat cannot reverse proxy on its own.

Certainly tomcat is up to the task of running external sites without a
reverse proxy. Some reasons you may choose to put a httpd reverse proxy in
front of tomcat:

- Allows displaying a "this site is down for maintenance" message when you
have taken your tomcat down for maintenance.
- Many third party security products supply agents as an apache httpd plugin.
- httpd can be used as a load balancer to a farm of tomcat processes.
- you may prefer to have the web access logging granularity that httpd

It really depends on your situation.

Cheers, Ben

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