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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Error in documentation, Tomcat 6
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2010 17:17:07 GMT
On 27/09/2010 17:58, André Warnier wrote:
> At the end of this page :

When looking at doc bugs I'd recommend working with the CI output which
will reflect and changes since the last release. The link above will
always be from the latest stable Tomcat 6 release so may not be 100% up
to date.

In this case the bug is still present.

> there is this paragraph :
> If you have multiple instances of Tomcat, each with a separate
> $CATALINA_HOME but a shared $CATALINA_BASE, then you can configure log4j
> on a per instance basis by replacing references to $CATALINA_HOME in the
> above instructions with $CATALINA_BASE. Note that you may need to create
> a $CATALINA_BASE/lib directory.
> Is there not an inadvertent inversion in that paragraph ?

> Note that this has been fixed in the equivalent Tomcat 7 page at
> At first sight, it also looks as if the 6.0 version of the whole page
> could be fixed by overwriting it (apart from the header part) with the
> 7.0 version, which also corrects another couple of mistakes.

Care to provide a patch? Offer of help with building etc. still stands
if required.


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