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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: tomcat connection pool - status and future?
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2010 14:24:28 GMT
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On 9/23/2010 4:26 PM, Jason Pringle wrote:
> I started by researching available connection pools for tomcat, and
> it seems most folks either use DBCP (which has a host of issues)

What issues are you thinking of, specifically. These?

Of those 10 objections, only 4 of them are actual objections. "#5 No
releases in a while" is not a valid complaint, and the remainder are
actually talking about what the new CP has to offer, not judgments
against DBCP.

What the heck is a static interface, by the way?

Note that Tomcat's default connection pool is based upon DBCP.

> or
> C3PO (which has its own issues, including that it is LGPL licensed).

The biggest problem with C3P0 is that it's unsupported (I heard... I
can't find anywhere that it says the project is actually dead, but it's
been over 3 years since their last release, and it's clearly labeled
"beta"). It looks like they might be thinking about another point release.

What's wrong with LGPL? I'm not trying to start a holy war... just
curious about your objections.

> The "feature page" of the tomcat connection pool
> ( seems
> quite promising, but to be honest, it concerns me that the module is
> only readily available from a commiter's pages or from source.

That is a shame.

> 3)      Is it considered "released" or still in a beta stage (I found
> the beta announcement from 2008)?

Don't be fooled by the version number: the fact that it's
greater than 1 or doesn't have "beta" or "alpha" or "pre" in it's name
has no bearing on its stability or quality. At least, that appears to be
how the Tomcat team versions things.

- -chris
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