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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Compiling Tomcat 6.0.x trunk
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2010 00:53:29 GMT
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On 9/20/2010 4:29 PM, Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: Caldarale, Charles R 
>> Subject: RE: Compiling Tomcat 6.0.x trunk
>> I'll start over with a clean system and see what happens.
> Just tried it again after removing the C:\usr directory, and everything (ant download,
ant) worked as it should.

I suspect you are an administrator on your box, so writing files to
C:\usr\share\java shouldn't be a problem :)

> I seem to recall that Tomcat 7 now requires ant 1.8; I wonder if the 6.0 trunk does also?

No, TC 6 only requires ant 1.6 (at least, that's what BUILDING.txt says).

> Back to your original questions:
>> 1. Why does "compile" not know how to create it's own 
>> destination directory?
> Because it's expecting that you have done a default ant call first (as documented), which
will invoke the build-prepare target and create the directories.  Only then can you start
selecting arbitrary targets.

Fair enough. Since ant is capable of following target dependencies, I
like my build targets to satisfy their own dependencies. But that's just
me. If "compile" requires some other target first, why doesn't it do so

>> 2. Why doesn't "base.path" default to something /inside/
>> the working copy of the code?
> I see no compelling reason why it should.  If you've run "ant
> download", everything is created where expected for the other targets
> to find.  If you want to override base.path, do so before running
> "ant download".

I had apparently ignored this further information /after/ the
instructions for building:

* WARNING: Running this command will download binaries to the
  directory. Make sure this is appropriate to do on your computer. On
  this usually corresponds to the "C:\usr\share\java" directory, unless
  is used. Read below to customize the directory used to download the

* The build can be controlled by creating a
  file, and adding the following content to it:

    # ----- Proxy setup -----
    # Uncomment if using a proxy server

    # ----- Default Base Path for Dependent Packages -----
    # Replace this path with the directory path where dependencies binaries
    # should be downloaded

I now have my own file which re-defines base.path to
something more appropriate for a multi-user system.

- -chris
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