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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: tomcat 5.5, getSession() returns null
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2010 15:30:52 GMT
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On 9/20/2010 3:27 AM, Roman Makurin wrote:
> We have clustering setup with 2 tomcat 5.5 instances,

What exact version of Tomcat 5.5? Please post your clustering
configuration, including relevant information from web.xml.
Specifically, are you using sticky sessions? Distributable sessions?
What front-end are you using for clustering? Apache httpd or something else?

> and in some cases(eg when clients browser
> disable cookies support) behaviour of request.getSession() is
> really strange. According to api documentation this
> call should always return session object but
> it return null. 

Does this only happen when the client doesn't support cookies?

What does your code look like that tried to get the session?

> All URLs r encoded for correct session information, but everytime
> user get other page new session id supplied.

Can you be more specific? Is the server generating a new session id for
every request? Please show us how you encode the URLs going back to the

> Also this situation reproducable only on clustered setup, with
> disabled cookies on client side(browser). Everything is ok with
> single tomcat instance.

Good to know.

> any advise ?
> PS: its my first post here, so be patient please :)
> PPS: im not an admin of this clustering setup, so not so
> much information available.

You'll need to get that information for us to be helpful.

- -chris
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