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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [OT] Tomcat on Linux
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2010 09:24:09 GMT
Tommy Pham wrote:
> Thanks everyone for your input.  I was hoping to get a better understanding of the differences
between the flavors of Linux and how well and easy for me to run Tomcat.  I guess I'll have
to spend more time on various flavors.
I don't know if the point came across clearly : basically, inasmuch as Tomcat or Tomcat 
applications are concerned, *there is no difference*.

Tomcat is a Java application, and the main point of Java is that Java applications run 
inside a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which provides a common environment to the Java 
applications that run inside it, independently of the platform.
So whether you run Tomcat inside a JVM itself running under Windows, or Solaris, or Linux

or whatever, should not make a difference for Tomcat.

The differences you may find will be due to other aspects, such as :
- the underlying hardware (faster or slower CPU, more or less RAM, disk speed,..)
- the load of the machine
- the specific versions of the JVM and Tomcat that are easily available for the particular

platform (different OS'es and different distributions of the same OS may provide older or

newer versions as standard packages)
- the ease with which applications and services are managed under different platforms
- your own level of "comfort" when dealing with any specific platform
- the way in which the applications "packagers" have put together their standard software

packages for each platform, and the ease with which these packages can be 
- what you want to do with that Tomcat

Depending on your own particular circumstances, one or the other of these platforms will 
be a better fit for you.  But there is no "one size fits all" solution, and nobody here 
but you knows your exact circumstances, so yes, you will have to find that out by yourself.

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