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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: JSP:includes parameter passing vulnerability
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2010 18:33:51 GMT
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On 9/15/2010 6:33 PM, Michael Coates wrote:
> On 9/15/10 2:46 PM, Christopher Schultz wrote:
>> I think what you're really trying to say is "it's easy to overlook the
>> fact that <jsp:include> uses URL parameters to pass data, and that an
>> include inherits the original request, so URL parameter data goes right
>> through".
> Yes, exactly. Well said.

Glad we agree :)

This is one of those definite "gotchas" in the servlet specification. In
re-reading the specs, it was unclear until a certain section whether the
<jsp:include> could be used to include arbitrary content from anywhere
(like If the "include" instruction actually
makes a new http request (like I believe Apache httpd SSI's do), then
you are safe from the behavior you describe. It appears that this
features has been designed to only use resources that are local to the
webapp, and to actually be processed using the current request object.

Unless you read the spec (or get a strong hint from being familiar with
the servlet API), this is behavior is definitely surprising. I usually
believe in the "principle of least surprise", but in this case, I'm not
sure there's anything to be done about it other than attempt to educate

- -chris
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