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From David kerber <>
Subject Re: [OT] Tomcat on Linux
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2010 17:06:20 GMT
On 9/16/2010 12:57 PM, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> André,
> On 9/16/2010 11:32 AM, André Warnier wrote:
>> The load average is not particularly impressive however. One could
>> almost suspect that you keep this machine coddled away from any real
>> network, just for the purpose of boasting about its uptime.
> You're right, it's not. I don't know what my version of 'uptime' does
> with threads to compute load average, though. Also, my webapps are not
> typically CPU-bound: they're I/O bound -- lots of database activity and
> socket (HTTP) communication. So, I don't expect my load averages to get
> very high.
>> P.S. Unfortunately I just scanned ours, and I can't produce much better
>> in terms of load average.  What a waste of CPU power...
> Maybe run SETI@HOME on your servers? Better yet, virtualize everything
> on one huge box and pray for no hardware failures.
>> Our longest-running Tomcat-running machine shows 261 days.
> That's respectable. I'll send your server a birthday present in January :)

That's roughly what I've had for my longest-running instances, before I 
rebooted the server to do Windows security updates.


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