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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: session-timeout not taking effect
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2010 18:18:32 GMT
Debbie Shapiro wrote:
> Official response from InetSoft:
> ************************************************************************
> **********
> If you request for  a report and leave it running in the browser in
> v10.2, the report will send a  heartbeat beacon to the report server to
> let the server know that the  report is still active, which will
> effectively keep the user session active.

Ok. But that still does not explain how the "session" (which according to your other 
response does not seem to be linked to container-managed authentication) stays alive even

when you navigate away from that page (and to another website) in the browser.

 From one of your previous posts, which showed a request URL received by the server, and 
which URL contained something suggesting an AJAX mechanism, I would guess that the 
following happens : the application page received triggers a call to a Javascript function

which starts running asynchronously in the background.  This function makes periodic 
requests to the server (what they call "hartbeat" above), and this prevents the timeout at

the server side.

But this function should only be running as long as the InetSoft application page is 
displayed in the browser.
Once you navigate away (unless you do this in another instance of IE), that page is no 
longer loaded, and the javascript heartbeat function could not be running anymore.

So it looks like there is something still unexplained here.

I'm just wondering about this by pure curiosity, because it does not seem to have anything

to do with Tomcat per se whatsoever.

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