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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Problems with SSI
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2010 00:20:38 GMT
jeffo1b wrote:
> I've tried following all of the advice in the previous threads, but I'm up
> against a wall here.
> I have added <Context privileged="true> to my context.xml 
> In the same directory, i have uncommented the SSI Filter as well as the
> Filter mapping and the *.shtml mime mapping in web.xml.  see below:

I have not really followed the discussion so far, but something sounds iffy in what you 
say above : the "in the same directory" part.
The "web.xml" and "context.xml" files of a web application should not be in the same 
directory, as far as I recall.
I believe it is :

Can you re-check exactly what the previous helpers told you, to see if you did not miss 
something there ?

And/or browse through this page :

(although if your are not an IT guy, I feel that you are not going to enjoy this. But at 
least it shows the locations of things, which you could compare with yours).

(And $CATALINA_BASE/ means "the top directory of the Tomcat installation").

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