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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [OT] Re: interaction between .forward() and <security-constraint>
Date Mon, 06 Sep 2010 19:26:54 GMT
Pid wrote:
> On 06/09/2010 17:51, André Warnier wrote:
>> Pid wrote:
>> ...
>>> Assuming you're not running on hamster powered servers, yes, with modern
>>> software & hardware it's quite cheap.
>> I find this remark very discriminatory toward hamsters.  What makes you
>> think that hamsters are worse than tomcats or penguins or even apples, he ?
>> We've got several parallel-multi-hamster servers here, and they are
>> doing just fine, even with java.  They are also much quieter, more
>> energy-efficient and easier to care for than tomcats or camels.
> Hamsters are fickle, unpredictable workers and are notorious for having
> a short life.  A hamster wheel, contrary to your assertion, is not quiet.
> N.B. An average sized camel won't fit inside the average sized server
> chassis.
Neither will a tomcat or a penguin.  I mean, they can be made to fit, but they clog the 
ventilation channels and that leads to severe overheating.
Chuck's stick option is interesting however, and I'll bring it up at the next hardware 
planning meeting.
To get back to hamsters, contrarily to what you assert they are very diligent and fast, 
and they compensate their limited memory with their built-in storage and pipelining 
capabilities; they easily fit into server racks (specially our Roborowskis), and they have

a few other logistical advantages : they do not generate a lot of heat, so we don't need 
expensive cooling systems; their lifetime approximately matches those of Intel chips, so 
we haven't had to buy new processors in the last couple of years : we just breed them. 
This way we have a natural permanent upgrade process, with always at least 33% 
last-generation processors.
Their one real inconvenient is that they look like mice, so we have to keep them separate

from our tomcats. But for that we use separate racks, with mod_jk connections.

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