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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: URL Rewrite
Date Sun, 05 Sep 2010 14:25:29 GMT

michel wrote:

> Konstantin, I fixed the problem! The problem was in the links in the 
> HTML code. If I do a redirect, then the URL in http: shows the true URL, 
> and the links in the page were using it for  building the reklative 
> address.
> Example:
> with html code <img src="heading/can-post.gif"> is 
> really
> in a forward the http in the toolbar might be
> so the image is
> and it can't be found.
> The solution is to have
> <base href=> in the page, so the URL building uses 
> that instead of the misleading URL in the toolbar.

I have not followed the entire thread in detail, but take this as friendly advice.

You should really, really, *really* think about what you are doing here, before jumping to

what may appear as a solution now, but is going to give you a lot of trouble and extra 
work further down the line.
I mean the "<base href=" thing.

Basically this is, in my view, a "sparadrap on a wooden leg" kind of solution (culturally,

you should understand what I mean).
Unless your website is really small (meaning there are just a few pages), and will stay 
that way in the future, I would really not recommend the "base href" solution.

The "base href" option basically stops the browsers from interpreting links in the 
"natural" way, and forces them to interpret them in an "unnatural" way.  This can mean 
that you will have, forever, to write *all* your HTML pages in a certain way, different 
from the way that HTML editors and content management systems expect.  And that can give 
you a lot of work in the future.

It would be far better to really understand the way in which a browser naturally 
interprets relative links, and to make sure that your server does things in such a way 
that these pages are sent to the browser with the correct links in the first place.

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