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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Question on SSI
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2010 20:54:13 GMT
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On 9/1/2010 4:46 PM, Wesley Acheson wrote:
>     <filter-mapping>
>         <filter-name>ssi</filter-name>
>         <url-pattern>*</url-pattern>
>     </filter-mapping>

That may be casting the net a bit wide, but, of course, it's all up to
whatever Marc's requirements are.

> Also change the section
>         <init-param>
>           <param-name>contentType</param-name>
>           <param-value>text/x-server-parsed-html(;.*)?</param-value>
>         </init-param>
> The param-value must be a regular expression that will meet the
> following mime types
> text/x-server-parsed-html or text/html.

The above doesn't allow text/html... it would have to be modified to
allow content types other than text/x-server-parsed-html.

> I think this should work with html and htm. I'm not so sure about JSP,
> hopefully someone else can clear this up.

It should work with any kind of resource.

> Note there is an overhead with scanning all your files for SSI
> comments but I don't think it should be too bad. Again someone more
> experienced should be able to answer.

It's not just scanning the files for SSI directives: the entire output
generated by the primary resource (say, a .html or .jsp file) has to be
buffered in memory in order for the SSI processor to do it's job. I
would say this buffering is worse for performance and resource
management than simply scanning for SSI directives.

I wonder why the SSI processor isn't set up to do dynamic filtering. Hmm.

- -chris
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