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Subject Destroying Context Listeners
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2010 17:32:23 GMT

I recently upgraded my Tomcat installation from 6.0.x to Tomcat 7
(Win64) and I am actively testing our current web applications for
backward compatibility, and so forth.  One of these web applications
creates a set of context listeners to manage various things during the
lifecycle of the web application.

During the startup of the web app, I do see that the
contextInitialized() method is called; however when either Tomcat is
stopped or restarted whether from the command line or via MyEclipse 8.6;
I do not see that contextDestroyed() is being invoked.  This is causing
some heartburn on our end with this particular web app and I cannot find
any solution.

Has anyone seen this and/or is this confirmed as a problem with Tomcat
Or is there another expectation under Servlet 3.0 that I may have


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