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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: another UTF-8 problem
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2010 16:02:50 GMT
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On 8/24/2010 9:06 AM, Tim-Christian Mundt wrote:
> I've encountered a UTF-8 problem and yes, URIEncoding="UTF-8" is set.

If you're connecting-out to a SOAP service, then the URIEncoding setting
doesn't matter.

> I'm connecting to a web service which returns UTF-8 encoded data. If I
> do so from a plain, regular, self-contained Java application everything
> is fine. However, if I run the same classes in tomcat (and trigger the
> action with a http request instead of a main() method in the
> application) I get latin-1 encoded characters. For instance when I make
> a call and receive a response which contains "Łódź" I finally get "?ód?"
> (console, file, whatever output).

Are you sure it isn't the encoding to your console/file/whatever that
isn't set properly?

If you are getting a response that contains non-ASCII characters, they
ought to be encoded using the declared XML document's encoding. What is
that? Are the bytes correct in the response (before your SOAP client
parses them)? Does your SOAP client parse them correctly? You may have
to use a profiler to verify that the characters in memory are what you
expect them to be.

> Actually the URIEncoding option should not have anything to do with
> this, because I'm not sending a request to my application, but my
> application is issuing a SOAP call to a web service. Are there any other
> options to consider? Same response from the web service (checked with
> Wireshark) but different outputs. I've no idea. Any hint is welcome.

So, when you use your own command-line app as a client, you get a
different response from the SOAP server than when you use Tomcat as the
client? You should look at the requests that are being sent. Perhaps
there is a bad accept-charset header or something (although that
probably shouldn't affect the XML response, since an XML parser is
pretty much required to support UTF-8).

- -chris
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