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From Thiago Locatelli da Silva <>
Subject Help on Tomcat 6.0.29 and Comet
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2010 17:59:46 GMT
Hello everybody.

We have an application which was developed using comet and gwt and it 
was build over the tomcat 6.0.16 code. It was working very well and as 
according to the documentation, we are closing all the come events when 
we reach the event type ERROR and END. The application has never been 
tested with any other newer version of tomcat since the version 6.0.16. 
I was asked to test the application using the tomcat version 6.0.29. I 
was expceting to see the app working fine and for my surprise, the comet 
part of the application started failing and throwing 
IllegalStateException and NullPointerException.

Thus I went to the tomcat change log and I found that on the version 
6.0.19 there was a change in the comet async close and i am pretty sure 
that this is the part the is failing in my application. During a lot of 
debug sessions, i realized that tomcat was, by itself, recycling all my 
requests/responses and turning them into null objects, so when I was 
manually invoking event.close() i was getting the IllegalStateException 
because the request was nullified by tomcat and when I tried to write 
back to the client I was getting the NullPointerException because my 
response has been nullified as well.

The only way to make my application is avoid closing the event in the 
END event, only in the ERROR event (and all the other ones).

I am not sure this is the bests approach neither a good practice.

Does anyone has any though to share on this?

*Thiago Locatelli*

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