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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Problem ReverseAjax.dwr on Tomcat7.0.0
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2010 09:24:04 GMT
魏超 wrote:
> *System:* Windows7
> *Tomcat: *Tomcat 7.0.0 32-bit Windows zip( Simply unzip it, do nothing on
> configure file)
> *DWR:*  DWR2
> Firstly sorry for my English.(I'm not good at it[?])

No problem, 魏超, we're even worse in .. ?

> I'm working on a project build on Appfuse. And we add DWR reverseAjax into
> it. You know, it works well on Tomat6.  But when i move this project onto
> Tomcat7.0.0, it comes out that the reverseAjax is not working.
> Screenshots
> [image: ss.jpg]
> When i change to Tomcat6, it works again.
> So, if i need to do any configuration on Tomcat7 to make it support
> reverseAjax?

I know nothing about your problem, but here are a few general tips :

- this list usually strips any attachments, so we did not get the attached screenshot.
If you want to attach information, you have to paste it, as text, inside the message.
Please remove any comments or passwords.

- this list is for the Tomcat server itself, not for applications running inside the
sever.  People here probably do not know much about Appfuse or DWR reverseAjax, so they
may not be able to help you.
You would probably receive better help on a support list dedicated to these applications.

- saying that "the reverseAjax is not working" does not help very much.  Try to describe
what is the problem.

- if the problem happens to be specific to Tomcat, then there must be Tomcat logfiles
showing the problem (in tomcat/logs).  Can you paste the relevant part of these logfiles
here ?

- if the platform is Windows 7, then make sure that it is not the UAC (User Account
Control) which interferes with Tomcat or with your application.  If possible, disable UAC
completely and try again.

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