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From Pid <>
Subject Re: Feedback Requested: Proposed CLI Tool for Apache Tomcat; kitty.
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 15:14:18 GMT
On 16/08/2010 21:06, Networked wrote:
> <Elevator pitch>
> Myself and Peary Chiu have created a lightweight utility for
> administering Tomcat from the command line in our copious amounts of
> free time on the weekends.
> This is a very rough utility, but we wanted a command line
> administration utility that made it very easy and quick to debug a
> Tomcat server via JMX.
> We are looking to solicit feedback from the community on this utility.
> Really it could be used for any application server, but because of
> Tomcat's relevance and our familiarity with it, we prefer to offer to
> this audience.
> The reason we are creating this utility is because we didn't feel that
> jconsole or other utilities such as jmxsh were not swift enough or
> user friendly enough for troubleshooting Tomcat in a production
> environment. We have nothing against these projects, we just had a
> different preference for this tool.
> <Needs to be improved>
> We are aware that it needs some features, such as:
> - #1 Documentation
> - Easier navigation
> - Bash-style auto completion (if accomplished, could also benefit the
> Jython project)
> - Compile Jython code to Java classes
> We are working on getting these problems addressed.
> To our knowledge it works without issue with Jython 2.5.1+.
> (
> <What we'd appreciate>
> Feel free to reply back with bugs and enhancement requests.
> We believe this will eventually be a useful, lightweight
> administration utility for Tomcat.
> We believe that by putting this out to the community early, we can
> address the needs of the community for such a utility, if at all, and
> have the community give some feedback on their general thoughts on the
> project.
> <Fin>
> Code is available at:


I have some interest in this type of thing: am working on a pure Java
CLI, but it's probably more simple than this looks.  I'll give yours a
whirl this evening.


> Thanks for your friendly replies,
> Matthew Sacks
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