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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Socket 24 is not connected any more (errno=-1)
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 19:26:04 GMT
> My question is about mod jk, not for the glassfish. I receive the errors
> from mod jk log file. Therefore , I think that my problem is about mod jk.
> What do you think about errors?
> 2010/8/12 Christopher Schultz <>
>> Hash: SHA1
>> André,
>> On 8/12/2010 7:49 AM, André Warnier wrote:
>>> It is not very clear by your communication below what glassfish has to
>>> do with this, and what you are connecting to what.
>> NB: Glassfish is a Tomcat derivative. Technically speaking, this issue
>> probably ought to be brought-up to the Glassfish community, but we
>> should be just as good for all but the most highly technical details.
>> Also, this is the place for mod_jk questions regardless of the servlet
>> container.
>>> And sorry if I ask, but what is glassfish 3.1 ?
>>> (shows how ignorant I am, I know, but hey this is the tomcat users list)
>> Hmm... no Oh, well:
>> ;)
Yes, but :
- in his original communication, Hande said :
"I am using mod jk in order to connect tomcat and glassfish 3.1. In the
mod_jk log file I am getting these errors;"
- and then later he said :
"Should I make configuration in httpd file or And what
- and then later he said :
"Sun glassfish 3.1 is an open source application server.

2.15 version of mod jk is used. With my application  sun glassfish 3.0 and
mod jk 2.15 works properly.However when I try to migrate 3.1 , I have
following errors in the mod_jk log file.

Since 2.15 is not any version that would apply to the mod_jk we all know and love, and 
since Hande only talked about connecting tomcat and glassfish, I was a bit confused.
And I still am, because I still do not know what is connected to what with which mod_jk 
version, nor what is the difference between glassfish 3.0 (where apparently "it" works) 
and glassfish 3.1 (where "it" doesn't).

I am all for helping if I can, but this is a bit out of scope, isn't it ?

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