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From paul womack <>
Subject role of the various threads?
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 11:27:40 GMT
I'm trying to do some performance analysis.

In my current test scenario I have a dedicated thread tomcat
that is synchronously performing "some work" in a
hard coded loop.

For the purposes of timing/testing I have ensured
that tomcat is not serving any requests while this
"some work" is going on.

Despite this, a quick run with runhprof
shows that "my" thread is only 	getting a little under 10% of the cycles,
and that tomcat threads called

RMI - TCP Accept-0
RMI - TCP Accept-8333

are each getting (roughly) as many ticks allocated
as "my" thread.

Any information as to what is going on, wether it's "normal",
where I can look for information on the various threads
and types of thread that tomcat uses would be gratefully accepted.


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