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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Can't configure webapps to disk partition
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2010 20:36:53 GMT
Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: Zeigler, Carl L []
>> Subject: Can't configure webapps to disk partition
>> I have had success changing the webapps directory to various locations
>> on the C: Drive but when I try to use the E: partition, I receive the
>> "page cannot be found" message.
> Is the E: drive really somewhere else on the network?  If so, it won't be visible to
Tomcat running as a service.  Remember that drive mappings are by Windows account, not global
for all accounts on the box.  As I recall, processes running as a service do not see any drive
mappings, even when running with an account that has made some.
> Try running Tomcat from the scripts (startup.bat) under the same account the drive mappings
are for, rather than as a service.
A bit more information :

By default, when you install a Service under Windows, it will run under the (local) user 
"LocalSystem".  This is a special user which has extended privileges on the local box 
itself, but it does not have access to "network resources" (in the Microsoft understanding

of that term, which means for example that it does not have access to network drives 
mapped as "shares" or to network printers.  It can use TCP/IP however).

Try the following :

Note : for testing the following, use your own windows domain user-id.  To run in 
production, you will have to ask your domain administrators for some special Windows 
Domain "service" user-id.  That is a user-id that is a real domain-id (not a local one), 
so that it has access to network resources (like E:/, maybe).
Note that this account should also have a password that does not run out in time, 
otherwise some day your tomcat will not start anymore.

Anyway, do this :
- right click on the "my computer" icon and pick "Manage"
- look for "services and applications", and pick "services"
- in the right pane, find tomcat, right-click on it and choose "properties"
- in the second tab (login as..), pick the radio button "run as this user" and enter your

own user-id and password.
- say OK etc..

Then restart the tomcat service and check if it works.

To point correctly to the location of this drive E:, you should probably use instead the 
UNC path, like //server/share.  That is because, depending on the user-id under which 
tomcat runs, this shared directory may not necessarily be mapped to a drive letter, or not

to the same E: drive letter.

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