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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: 2 POST requests to underlying Server
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2010 12:12:33 GMT
Karthik Nanjangude wrote:
> Hi
>>> So do both browsers report the same error?
> If needed I can even share the "Access Logs" of Apache so that the browser details match
[ IE 7+ / FFox 3+ ] are as available.
>>> And what was the period in each case?  Exactly 12.1 seconds?  For both
> Browsers types?
> Yes Approximately 12 sec in case of both browsers.
>>> what is the resource type being generated a JSP or another file type?
> I presume the u are asking about the Controller page which is of type JSP /Struts based
application at the JBOSS(Tomcat built in)
> I am still confused when the same test cases were done from INTERNAL IP on the same Application
as per tcp dump displays 1 Post request.

Just some basic observations for your consideration :

1) Tomcat is free and open-source software. It is made by volunteers, on their free time.

  You are free to use it, but there is no guarantee of any kind.
2) This list is also managed and answered by volunteers, who do their best, on their own 
free time.  There is no guarantee of support, it is all on a best effort base.
3) You are the one who wants help.

Yes ?

4) Your configuration and your setup, and what you see in your logfiles, may all be very 
clear to you.  But it is not as clear to someone who is not at your location, cannot see 
your systems or your screen, does not know your code, and has to rely *exclusively* on 
what you write to this list.

Specially, when you report a problem that, to many here, seems very unlikely.

What I am saying above, is that it belongs to you to provide clear and detailed 
information, so that someone here can (maybe) help you.
It is not the reverse, where people here have to squeeze information out from you, and 
spend a lot of time doing so.  Many people just do not have the time and patience to do that.

So when someone is asking you, nicely, to simplify the problem, eliminate the browser, and

use wget or something similar to make the request, it is not in order to bug you.
It is so that they have one less possible cause of trouble to worry about, and can 
concentrate on the (possible) problem with mod_jk or Tomcat.

Similarly, when you say "when the same test cases were done from INTERNAL IP on the same 
Application", that is not clear at all to some of us.
Can you explain, in detail, what that means ?

If it helps, make a picture, like :

case a)

client -> apache -> mod_jk -> tomcat

result : 2 POSTs

case b)

client -> Tomcat

result : 1 POST

Is is that ?

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