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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: 2 POST requests to underlying Server
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2010 21:50:13 GMT
Ðavîd Låndïs wrote:
> 3) As I have already said We have put a Java script filter to disable
>   multiple Clicks for dual request from the Browser ( IE 7+ / FF 3+ )
> I had a similar issue once due to jQuery. If you attach the same click
> listener twice to the same button, it'll submit 2 POST's or GET's for
> one mouse click (in the latest version of jQuery). There may be other
> ways to accomplish that as well with other libraries, etc -- the point
> is your JavaScript "filter to disable multiple Clicks" may not be as
> fool proof as you think.
which is basically what everyone is trying to tell Karthik, but he does not seem to want 
to hear.

So, Karthik :

a) you have NOT proven yet that the 2 POST requests do not come from the browser
b) in 100,000+ installations out there on the Internet, Apache + mod_jk dor NOT generate 
duplicate POST requests. (If they did, you can be sure that we would have heard about it 
by now).
c) Only YOU think that your Apache + mod_jk generate duplicate POST requests

So, prove that to us, by providing real data showing it, and then we will try to help you

solve the problem.

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