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From Steve Johnson <>
Subject Re: Two-way SSL setup as Tomcat as a client
Date Sat, 07 Aug 2010 22:24:29 GMT
  I can confirm that the Apache HTTPClient module is a good way to go.  
In fact, it works with zero configuration.  You simply give it a normal 
'https' URL, and it does the right thing automagically.

It may be that you have to do some configuration of your JDK and 
environment to have SSL capabilities available to HTTPClient, but I 
don't think so.  I don't remember ever doing that on my dev box, and I 
know for a fact that my use of HTTPClient allows HTTPS URLs with no 
additional fuss.

HTTPClient is an excellent library in general, as is most of the apache 

Have fun!


On 8/7/2010 3:13 PM, yifeng wu wrote:
> I see. I guess I will look into using apache httpclient or some other library (any recommendation?).
> Webshpere actually takes care of outbound SSL connection by configuration (no extra coding)
that's why I got confused.
> Thanks for input, Chuck.
> YF
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>> To:
>> Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2010 11:22:41 -0500
>> Subject: RE: Two-way SSL setup as Tomcat as a client
>>> From: yifeng wu []
>>> Subject: RE: Two-way SSL setup as Tomcat as a client
>>> I am refering two way SSL not just one way.
>> Irrelevant; Pid's statement still stands: it's your webapp, not Tomcat, that is trying
to communicate with an external server. Tomcat plays no role is such a connection, it's entirely
up to your webapp. There is nothing in Tomcat to configure for this, since Tomcat is not involved.
You'll need to use the secure connection capabilities of the JRE or a 3rd-party library of
your choice to do the negotiation.
>> - Chuck
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