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From "T. Gau" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6 does not respond or freeze after startup
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2010 21:11:04 GMT
  Hello everybody,

my problem seems to be solved. I uninstalled virus scanner, firewall and 
virtual box (as it has a virtual network adapter). And reinstalled these 
step by step until my Tomcat stops responding. I didn't want to beliefe 
but have to yield to reason. ;) The firewall was the culprit. Now I have 
to run with Windows Firewall for the time being.

Thank you all for your kind support. Best regards,

T. Gau

André Warnier schrieb am 06.08.2010 13:16:
> ...
> Restarting a bit earlier in this conversation :
> The browser connections are shown (by netstat.exe) in the state 
> The following page explains what that means :
> If I understand this right, it means that the client has closed its 
> side of the connection (by sending a FIN packet).  The socket is now 
> "half-closed", and the server should close its own side.
> However, the server does not do that, and these sockets stay 
> half-closed (or half-opened, if you prefer).
> What puzzles me, is the fact that according to the state of the 
> connections, the clients should have closed them, but you otherwise 
> write that the browser(s) still seem to display the fact that they are 
> waiting for something.  You also say that the basic html page is 
> loaded, but that the images are missing.
> It looks very much as if each browser can send one request (for the 
> home page), and receives a response (the home page, html-only). But 
> then, when the browser tries (on the same connection normally) to 
> request one of the embedded images, it does not receive a response and 
> keeps waiting for it.  And the server seems to think that the browser 
> has disconnected, but never closes its end of the socket.
> Obviously, something is seriously wrong somewhere, because this 
> situation does not really make sense.
> But it does not really look like a Tomcat problem, and more like an 
> underlying network issue.
> You have also mentioned that you disabled the Windows firewall, but 
> had been running some other firewall software at some point (which is 
> now also disabled).
> At this point, my suspicions would go very much in the direction of 
> some interference by one or both of these firewall softwares.
> Maybe when you initially installed the add-on firewall, you did 
> something wrong and now your Windows installation is somehow screwed up ?
> It is relatively easy under Windows to get into such a kind of mess, 
> and relatively difficult to get out of it once it is there.
> In my experience, different firewall packages and/or VPN packages have 
> a tendency to seriously interfere with eachother.  You seem to have a 
> problem of that category.
> Any chance of doing some "Windows repair" job before you continue ?
> At the very least, I would try to completely de-install the additional 
> firewall software, and try again then.  Just disabling that firewall 
> may not be enough to really remove the links and callbacks it may have 
> installed all over the place.
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