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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6 does not respond or freeze after startup
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2010 11:16:08 GMT
T. Gau wrote:

> Caldarale, Charles R schrieb am 05.08.2010 14:47:
>>> From: T. Gau []
>>> Subject: Re: Tomcat 6 does not respond or freeze after startup
>>> as I understand the netstat output the mentioned PID's are the client
>>> ports instead.
>> You are correct, André misread the output.
Yes, my mistake, sorry.

>>> What seems conspiciuous is that the home page from
>>> http://localhost:8080
>>> is loaded but the images to the apache foundation and the powered
>>> by are missing and the browser is showing as still loading.
Restarting a bit earlier in this conversation :
The browser connections are shown (by netstat.exe) in the state "CLOSE_WAIT".

The following page explains what that means :

If I understand this right, it means that the client has closed its side of the connection

(by sending a FIN packet).  The socket is now "half-closed", and the server should close 
its own side.
However, the server does not do that, and these sockets stay half-closed (or half-opened,

if you prefer).

What puzzles me, is the fact that according to the state of the connections, the clients 
should have closed them, but you otherwise write that the browser(s) still seem to display

the fact that they are waiting for something.  You also say that the basic html page is 
loaded, but that the images are missing.
It looks very much as if each browser can send one request (for the home page), and 
receives a response (the home page, html-only). But then, when the browser tries (on the 
same connection normally) to request one of the embedded images, it does not receive a 
response and keeps waiting for it.  And the server seems to think that the browser has 
disconnected, but never closes its end of the socket.

Obviously, something is seriously wrong somewhere, because this situation does not really

make sense.

But it does not really look like a Tomcat problem, and more like an underlying network issue.

You have also mentioned that you disabled the Windows firewall, but had been running some

other firewall software at some point (which is now also disabled).

At this point, my suspicions would go very much in the direction of some interference by 
one or both of these firewall softwares.
Maybe when you initially installed the add-on firewall, you did something wrong and now 
your Windows installation is somehow screwed up ?
It is relatively easy under Windows to get into such a kind of mess, and relatively 
difficult to get out of it once it is there.
In my experience, different firewall packages and/or VPN packages have a tendency to 
seriously interfere with eachother.  You seem to have a problem of that category.

Any chance of doing some "Windows repair" job before you continue ?
At the very least, I would try to completely de-install the additional firewall software,

and try again then.  Just disabling that firewall may not be enough to really remove the 
links and callbacks it may have installed all over the place.

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