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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6.0.18/ IIS 6.0 /SSL
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2010 21:36:17 GMT
Hansel, Jason T CTR SPAWARSYSCEN-ATLANTIC, 55E00 wrote:
> Charles,
> I was just putting that protocol in there to prevent the 8080 from being
> hit, I've actually commented it out. I got this server.xml file from the
> install (Note:that not everything is on here). I can load my webapp now, but
> the page takes a little while to load using the isapi_redirect.dll (which I
> was referring to below as the redirect file...sorry my in head language) 
I believe that at this point, you may want to :

a) save your web application somewhere else; also save the isapi configuration files if 
they are located under the Tomcat installation directory. (*)
b) de-install the Tomcat you have, and remove all its files (and specially the logfiles)
c) download a new Tomcat from the Tomcat website, and re-install it

Then restore your application under (tomcat_install_dir)/webapps.

All the above will take only 5 minutes, and you will at least have a clean Tomcat.

Then try it, both directly using HTTP to port 8080, and through IIS and isapi_redirect 
using whatver SSL port you use for that.

With the part under IIS (including isapi_redirect) apparently being fine (as shown before

by your previous logs), the downloaded Tomcat should work out of the box, through IIS and

THEN, when you have verified that the above is working, comment out all <Connector>
you do not want, except the one for the AJP Connector on port 8009, and restart Tomcat.

And check the Tomcat logfiles if you have any problem.

Apart from the ones which Chuck mentioned earlier, your pasted server.xml had a couple of

additional mistakes which make it really hard for us to figure out what is really going 
on.  (Or it was your cut and paste which was not accurate, but anyway we can't follow 
what's happening on the base of inaccurate information).

In any case, with a correct configuration, the difference in access time between a direct

access to Tomcat via HTTP port 8080, and an indirect access through IIS and 
isapi_redirector, should be so small as to be humanly indistinguishable.
(We are talking 1 millisecond or so).

Unless it is IIS which for some reason is introducing the delay.

(*) This by the way would be illogical, as these files belong really to IIS and its add-on

module isapi_redirect.dll, and not to Tomcat.
The only part of Tomcat which plays a role here, is the AJP Connector on port 8009.

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