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From "Rony G. Flatscher (Apache)" <>
Subject [BSF,Tomcat] ad JSR-223 taglib for Tomcat ... (Re: Question ad alternative of BSF taglib in Tomcat ? [Fwd: In the move of some taglibs to Tomcat, the BSF taglib got retired]
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2010 13:42:41 GMT
Resending attempt.

Hi Henri,

relating to our conversation of last fall, I just wanted to point out
that Mr. Ryabenkiy posts of today (copied at the end to inform the
BSF-community) fulfills the idea of creating a jsr-223 taglib for Tomcat.

He applies the Apache License 2.0 to his work, such that it can be taken
on by ASF.

The Quercus/Resin
package Mr. Ryabenkiy refers to is used in his work as proof of concept
to use PHP scripts in Tomcat served JSP (which might be quite
interesting for PHP-acquantied programmers, who have no expert knowledge
of Java) !
(He also uses the scripting language ooRexx as a proof of concept for
which he wrote a JSR-223 engine.)

In effect all scripting languages can be used, that adhere to Java 6
scripting a.k.a. "JSR-223" with his taglib to create scripts for JSP. It
would even be possible to use multiple scripts in different languages
for the same JSP.

It will (again) allow for JSP and Java what ASP allows for the MS world.


On 13.10.2009 08:17, Rony G. Flatscher (Apache) wrote:
> Henri Yandell wrote:
>> Not sure where Christopher's email was, but:
>> If there is any interest in a retired taglib, I'm all for it being
>> merged into the Extended Taglib. Currently I plan to consider
>> replacing the functionality from String Taglib (mostly as EL
>> functions), Log Taglib and JNDI Taglib (perhaps).
>> It sounds like BSF taglib, given it has only the two tags, might be
>> very interesting if a dependency on BSF itself can be avoided (ie:
>> base it on javax.script).
> +1
> If you include just the taglib (the JSR-223 to be created), then its
> usage would be restricted to Java 6 and up, such that current Java 1.4
> and 1.5 installations in the field could not take advantage of it.
> To cover Java 1.4 and 1.5 BSF 3.0 got created, which implements the
> javax.script specifications. If BSF 3.0 is included then the scripting
> support will be available from Java 1.4 on. Starting with Java 6 the
> Java 6 javax.script would prevail due to using its own package by
> placement of the classes.
> ---rony

-------------------- cut here, Mr. Ryabenskiy post of 2010-08-04
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	New taglib to script JSP pages in languages other than Java
Date: 	Wed, 4 Aug 2010 09:49:20 +0200
From: 	Stanislav Ryabenkiy <>


as I haven't posted here before, I hope I won't make a mistake by
posting to both of these lists. IMHO, this announcement is relevant to
both communities.

This is to inform the taglibs-user and tomcat-dev communities of a
small new taglib which allows to script JSP pages in laqnguages other
than Java. Scriptlets and expressions using the taglib have access to
the same implicit objects normal JSP scriptlets have access to.
Internally, the taglib only depends on the javax.script interface
defined as part of JSR-223 and included in Java 6 onwards, although it
can also work with other implementations of javax.script on earlier
version of Java (such as, for instance, Bean Scripting Framework 3).
So for people who want to include scripts in their JSP pages, any
scripting language that exposes a javax.script interface can be used.

Given the nature of the project, and the existence of partial
alternatives at least for some languages (such as Quercus/Resin), I
expect interest to be quite small (if any), but if there's any
interest it could be included in the newly re-organized "Extended"
Taglib. Ideally, I would want Tomcat to support this kind of
functionality natively via the language attribute of the page
directive, but the taglib at least offers a simpler and
container-independent solution.

Source code can be found at:
The related thesis paper (with source code in appendix):

Kind Regards,

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