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From Markus Schönhaber <>
Subject [OT] broken mail clients (was: Re: Running PHP?)
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2010 22:41:07 GMT
03.08.2010 18:14, michel:

> From: "Markus Schönhaber" <>

>> 03.08.2010 13:20, michel:
>>> sorry, another empty email with just attachments  ...
>> No.
>> It's not Pid's fault if your "mail program" doesn't understand PGP/MIME.
> OK, I checked online and found
> Handling of PGP/MIME signed messages
> Outlook Express does not correctly handle MIME,[9] and will not display the 
> body of signed messages inline. Users get a blank e-mail and two attachments 
> (one of the message text and one of the signature) and therefore need to 
> open an attachment to see the e-mail. ... This bug has still not been 
> rectified.
> On one hand it's an MS bug, but then so many people (most?) use it, it 
> rather leaves a large number of us not being able to read Pid's posting.

1. I don't see why anyone should not use a perfectly reasonable and
standards compliant way of signing his mails just to please buggy mail
If you choose to use one of those, then live with it's deficiencies but
don't blame Pid because he uses a 14-year old standard which the vendor
of your "mail client" has still failed to implement.

2. A quick scan through the 37596 posts to this list in my current
archive (going back till mid-March 2008) shows 957 of them which seem to
be sent with OE. That's roughly 2.5%. At least on this mailing list,
it's not "most" (not even "many people") that use OE.
I doubt that it's much different on other lists with IT subjects.


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