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From Goren Il <>
Subject How to call an external class from a webapp (i.e. - implement a plugin)
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2010 07:44:20 GMT

  I would like my webapp to call an external class, which will be provided (as a name) in
an XML file at run time.
The external class will be developed by 3rd party, and might include additional JARs.
I will refer to the external class and JARs as the "plugin".
My webapp is provided as a WAR, so it is not possible to add the plugin into the same WAR
(unless the customer performs it himself).
I do not want to put the plugin's JARs in the common lib of Tomcat, so that it will not affect
other webapps (the plugin might include JARs of different versions than the webapps use).
I considered putting the plugin in a separate folder, and implement my own class loader that
will look at that folder as well. It seems like too much of an effort for a simple task.
What is the recommended way to achieve "plugin" capabilities for a webapp?

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