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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat Shutting Down by Itself?
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2010 23:14:33 GMT
Robinson, Eric wrote:
>> This Tomcat and Java are just trying to say, in the only 
>> way they can, that after some 10 years of good and hard 
>> labor, it is now time to retire them and have the burden 
>> taken over by a new generation.
> Yes, that's probably it. One of the...
> [root@app03 ~]# ps ax|grep java|wc -l
> 164
> ..164 instances of tomcat that are running on this server is bored with
> being old and has decided to act up. The other 163 instances are lame
> for insisting on working fine day after day. :-)
Out of memory ?
(which is also something that happens frequently to old people, and to java programs)

What I was trying to say above, in a devious but humoristic way, is that there are not a 
lot of people on this list running those versions anymore.  There may not even be a lot of

people on this list with any experience of running that anymore.  Probably, any people 
with the experience of running these versions have been since promoted and don't have the

time to be on this list anymore.
So you are basically stuck with Chuck and me, and we are telling you that Tomcat does not

shut down by itself.  I'll add that when it shuts down properly, it usually says so in its

logfiles.  If it doesn't, then it must be that it is being brutally terminated (or 
euthanasied ?) by something else.  Under Linux, there is some talk of an "OOM killer" 
character who has been known to do that kind of thing.
When all these JVM instances are running, what does "free" say ?
And while you're at it, go to the Tomcat bin subdirectory, and tell us what "" 
has to say.
Another possibility on a Linux system, is that some smart /etc/init.d startup script for 
Tomcat redirects Tomcat's messages somewhere else, like /var/log/daemon.log.  Have you 
been looking there ?

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