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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Apache Tomcat/5.5.20
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2010 11:42:43 GMT
Elad Dotan wrote:
>  Hi,
> 1. OS version Solaris 10 (intel)
> 2. Apache Tomcat/5.5.20
> *I'm using my tomcat  for OTA... *
> *for example:*
> **
> *I would my users to be able to also enter "elad" in uppercase "ELAD" (
> and to be able to reach the page.*
> *is it possible to configure the tomcat to ignore case senstivity?*
> **
I believe yes, on an application-by-application base, see
But read the remark in that box.

What is not so clear to me, is whether this applies even for the upper application level 
(here elad/ELAD). In other words, if you put this in the Context for the "elad" 
application, does Tomcat then know to direct requests to "ELAD" to that same application ?

Basically, I would say that it is not a good idea anyway, because it may still bypass some

security features of the server, and may make things confusing anyway.

It would probably be better to create a dummy webapps/ELAD application, which does nothing

else but send a redirect response to the browser, to the real webapps/elad application.
Maybe you can use this filter for that purpose :

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