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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: and CATALINA_BASE
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2010 12:40:48 GMT
Rainer Frey wrote:
> On Monday 12 July 2010 12:17:40 André Warnier wrote:
>> Rainer Frey wrote:
>>> On Monday 12 July 2010 10:56:19 André Warnier wrote:
>>>> Rainer Frey wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> in the default case (just one instance, supplied start scripts),
>>>>> CATALINA_BASE is set to CATALINA_HOME. But this assignment,
>>> in
>>>>> if [ -z "$CATALINA_BASE" ] ; then
>>>>> fi
>>>>> is done *after* reading Is this for a specific reason, or
>>>>> just accidently?
>>> [reason: using CATALINA_BASE in]
>> So the question was in order to make sure that we were talking about one of
>> the "official" Tomcat scripts, and trying to figure out when it is
>> invoked.
>> This is still not so certain in your case : how do you start Tomcat, and do
>> you know exactly which non-Tomcat and yes-Tomcat scripts are being called,
> I thought that tar.gz-Download was clear enough. Yes this is the official 
> download from Nothing else  is involved.
>> in what order ? (under Linux, probably start with /etc/init.d/tomcatxx,
>> and see what it does).
> As I didn't mention anything apart the <quote>supplied scripts</quote>, there

> is no non-Tomcat script. (A reason that I didn't mention Linux in the first 
> mail: people start to assume unmentioned things like init scripts or 
> distribution packages ... ;) )
>> All this to say that, depending on your Tomcat version and origin,
>> /may/ not be the best place to define CATALINA_BASE.  
> No! I want to *USE* CATALINA_BASE in my, not define it. I'll try to 
> explain again:
>  * tests if CATALINA_BASE/bin/ exists and sources it
>  * otherwise tests if CATALINA_HOME/bin/ exists and sources it
>  * then tests if CATALINA_BASE is empty and, if so, sets 
> I want to know the config directory of the Tomcat instance in my 
> The way things are I need to check whether CATALINA_BASE is set, and if not, 
> use CATALINA_HOME as base directory.
> If would first set CATALINA_BASE to CATALINA_HOME if not set to 
> anything else, I could always sue CATALINA_BASE in
> So my question is: are things done the way theyare for a reason, or is this an 
> oversight that can be fixed? (in which case I could make a patch and open an 
> issue to change that)
>> I have not
>> verified, but if looks for in $CATALINA_HOME/bin,
>> then obviously it isn't, if your intention is to run several instances of
>> Tomcat sharing the same bin directory.
> No idea how you could imply that from my question. My intention is to have a 
> common way to refer to the config directory in in single- and 
> multiple-instance (with separate bin-directories) setups.

Usually, people get concerned about CATALINA_BASE when they want to run several instances

of Tomcat.  And the whole point of running several instances of Tomcat, is to /share/ 
CATALINA_HOME/bin between these instances. (Otrherwise, one might as well install Tomcat 
several times in separate CATALINA_HOME dirs).
That's maybe why I am a bit confused now..

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