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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: and CATALINA_BASE
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2010 10:17:40 GMT
Rainer Frey wrote:
> On Monday 12 July 2010 10:56:19 André Warnier wrote:
>> Rainer Frey wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> in the default case (just one instance, supplied start scripts),
>>> CATALINA_BASE is set to CATALINA_HOME. But this assignment,
> in
>>> if [ -z "$CATALINA_BASE" ] ; then
>>> fi
>>> is done *after* reading Is this for a specific reason, or just
>>> accidently?
> [reason: using CATALINA_BASE in]
>> To make clear what you mean and what you are asking, can you indicate
>> exactly what version of Tomcat you are talking about, on which platform,
>> and where you got it from ? 
> Tomcat 6.0.28 and 7.0.0, tar.gz downloads on Linux (I assumed at least the 
> platform was obvious when talking about .sh).

No. First, only for Linux, there are the "official" Tomcat downloads from the Tomcat 
website, but also umpteen pre-packaged versions for all Linux variations and versions.
Then there are packaged versions for Solaris, HPUX, AIX and whatnot.
All these pre-packaged versions have a tendency to place Tomcat-related files in various 
directories (such as /var/lib/tomcatxx, /usr/share/tomcatxx, /etc/tomcatxx, 
/opt/hpws/tomcatxx, and so on, with symlinks all over the place to reconnect the bits and

pieces).  They also usually start/stop tomcat via platform-specific scripts in (variously)

/etc/init.d, /etc/rc.d/init.d, /sbin/init.d, and so on.

So the question was in order to make sure that we were talking about one of the "official"

Tomcat scripts, and trying to figure out when it is invoked.

This is still not so certain in your case : how do you start Tomcat, and do you know 
exactly which non-Tomcat and yes-Tomcat scripts are being called, in what order ?
(under Linux, probably start with /etc/init.d/tomcatxx, and see what it does).

> I assume this is the same situation in all Tomcat 6 and trunk versions.
>> Also indicate in which script you find the
>> assignment above, please.
> Arggh. I was sure that I have typed somewhere! Must have deleted 
> it when reformulating the mail. Thanks for the quick reply!
All this to say that, depending on your Tomcat version and origin, /may/ not be

the best place to define CATALINA_BASE.  I have not verified, but if looks for in $CATALINA_HOME/bin, then obviously it isn't, if your intention is to run 
several instances of Tomcat sharing the same bin directory.

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