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From Federico Fissore <>
Subject Re: embedded tomcat, "work" folder wipe out issue
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2010 07:26:54 GMT
hello all

after a week of testing, I've changed the wipe out proc from wiping out 
both files and folders to just files, and since then it's worked (hope 
Murphy is not subscribed to this mailing list)

My opinion (if anyone could be interested) follows:
I still think that working with embedded tomcats sharing a common base 
work folder has some issues: one could be that in several places in the 
code I've found statements like

if (!new File("something").exists()) {
	new File("something").mkdirs();

with the mkdirs not being checked for success.
Maybe we could switch to individual .mkdir() to create the individual 
folders, checking if they have been successfully created?

My two eurocent

Thanks everybody for your help!

Federico Fissore

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