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From Federico Fissore <>
Subject Re: embedded tomcat, "work" folder wipe out issue
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2010 15:17:45 GMT
Konstantin Kolinko, il 05/07/2010 16:59, ha scritto:
> 2010/7/2 Federico Fissore<>:
>> hello all
>> first mail to the list: please forward me to any RTFM you may think useful
>> BUT some times I got a "JasperException: Unable to
>> load class for JSP", with the root cause being "ClassNotFoundException:
>> org.apache.jsp.WEB_002dINF.jsp.systemCheck_jsp"
> What exact Tomcat version (x.y.z) are you using?


> Are you sure that you have stopped the old Tomcat instance, and that
> you are not running several instances in parallel?

Yes I'm sure: before I start the new one, I check for the PID of the 
process to disappear.

I am running several instances in parallel, each with a separate java 
process, each listening on a different tcp port. That's my aim

>> I checked for that file in the work folder and it's there! both the .java
>> and .class files
> What are timestamps of those files? Are they recently generated and
> compiled, as you would expect?

Yes, they are regenerated and recompiled. The funny thing is that you 
can see the error page (ClassNotFound...), delete those files, refresh 
the page and seeing the files being re-generated and re-compiled BUT 
still getting a ClassNotFound...

best regards


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